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Upon earning his MBA from a leading national university, our CEO, Damon Mackey, recognized the crucial need for a bridge between MBAs and premier organizations. Damon observed, “I witnessed numerous skilled individuals graduating, and particularly within Japan’s traditional companies, there is a lack of a platform for integrating MBAs into many leading organizations. It was then I realized we could create a platform to facilitate idea exchange and generate opportunities for ambitious individuals.” This platform was envisioned to provide multiple advantages for MBAs, functioning as a global alumni network. It naturally evolved, driven by the MBAs’ demands for greater career opportunities, into a hub connecting them with elite organizations offering optimal career paths.

After building the MBA Career Forum into the country’s largest, 4 years in a row, and holding the largest exclusively MBAs and Masters networking events in both Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China we streamlined the career forum to offer exclusive MBA Seminars held inside top-tier organization’s headquarters for select groups of MBAs to connect with CEOs and to leadership career opportunities. Now that the platform has grown to bring the Fortune 500 CEOs as keynote speakers and MBAs from the world’s top MBA programs, Damon truly feels it’s a not only a pleasure but a privilege to work with so many talented MBAs, Masters and just high potential people and be connected with so many of the top-tier organizations.

He aspires to be, in his words, “merely a copper wire,” which may not seem significant on its own but is vital for the connections it enables. In our context, this means forging high-value connections between skilled and motivated individuals and premier organizations offering challenging and fulfilling jobs. He considers himself very fortunate to facilitate these connections and to work alongside his extended family of colleagues at Catalyst4MBAs.

Damon Mackey

Damon Mackey


Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating connections, uniting MBAs from top business schools for networking, and connecting them with elite organizations that appreciate the value of an MBA and offer outstanding career opportunities.

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We are a very different type of agency. We believe that making changes to your career is all about the right timing and having a good relationship with a trusted advisor who understands you and what you really want.


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