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We are a catalyst for our employees as well as our clients

Lets Make It Happen!

…is a chant commonly heard by our colleagues as we are charging forward.

They also say what they appreciate about working here is:

  • I enjoy connecting high caliber candidates to quality brand name clients. Catalyst is a place where I feel supported.
  • Working in a real meritocracy, working with exceptionally skilled colleagues, using world class training and implementing best practices.
  • Real transparency & truy high integrity means NO POLITICS.
  • Owning your sector, working on higher paying roles, at an above standard commission scheme.
  • Working for a company with a good brand name in the market means candidates listen.
  • Performance Based rewards means you are in charge of earning all of the following: WfH hybrid to full time Work from Anywhere, flex time, 10 days paid vacation plus all national holidays & more.

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