Deloitte Partner Kenichi Yuzawa shares insight on the Auto revolution, the role of DX, and insight for Consultants

Kenichi Yuzawa, Deloitte Partner of the Automotive Unit & Global Lead Consulting Partner for JP OEM, as a new grad from Aoyama Gakuin University started at Pricewaterhouse consulting which I believe was integrated in IBM, to the last 9 years at Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting, Where he is supporting the business transformation of clients through digital, from strategy formulation to execution support in the marketing/sales area and after-sales area, centered on automotive. A great deal of experience in Japan but also with truly global experience in the US and Europe and also in Growth Markets like (Thai, India, etc.)

We were very lucky to have Partner Kenichi Yuzawa sharing his hard-earned insight with us not only on the Auto industry going through a once in a century revolution but also the uptick in hiring because of the need for DX and even what motivates him as a partner to include how earning the clients trust, delivering project and seeing his own team members grow gives him the most satisfaction. He even shared on Deloitte’s differentiation being the fact that they do especially focus on the connected platform and don’t just implement but actually start from the strategy to concept design to implementation and operation. This is the difference between Deloitte and other consulting companies.Kenichi went on to offer advice to newcomers to consulting that are coming from the industry and some very interesting insights for those already having consulting experience.

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