How to prepare for an online assessment

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November 10, 2020


Online assessments are a regular process in consultant recruiting, with a wide range of test variants; it can be extremely daunting to prepare for online assessments. Not only are tests very common, they are essential for the HR team to filter candidates who would show a good level of competence to those who show a high–tier level of competency.

This could mean all the difference to landing that dream consulting job or failing because you missed out on a mark. So how does one thrive at these online assessments and ace through the questions? Though you can never revise the exact questions here are the ways to become acquainted and prepared for the assessments.

The types of consulting assessments you will go through are Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning.

Verbal reasoning tests

Verbal reasoning tests assess your ability to understand written information and make logical conclusions. They are important because consultants should be able to interpret and understand written information. Businesses want to be sure that the people it recruits have the ability to perform well in the role for which they are applying, verbal reasoning tests have been shown to be a better predictor of future job performance than traditional indicators such as degree qualification.

Here is an example of a question taken out of a non-verbal reasoning test


Reading the Questions First -In this method, you skim the questions and only then read the text, in a more focused and precise way, when you already know what you are looking first.

Numerical reasoning test

Numerical reasoning tests are also very popular within consulting exams. They measure your numerical potential and your ability to work with data rather than your learned mathematical knowledge. Consultants must be able to read data on a regular basis and these tests are a screening process to see whether or not candidates are able to handle this task.

Here is an example of a question taken out of a numerical reasoning test.


1) Time is everything: There is no complex math in numerical reasoning tests. The difficulty lies in the short 45-75 seconds solving time given per question.

2) Estimation is key: Frequently, numerical reasoning tests are presented in multiple-choice. Therefore, estimation is key and an answer close enough is good enough

3) Strengthening your mental muscles is a MUST: Forget about ‘you either have it, or you don’t’. More than any other type of aptitude test, numerical reasoning crucially depends on training and practice.

Overall, with these tips, you will be aware of what is required as a consultant and by using the strategies in this article, that dream job can be yours. For more details and advice on kick-starting your career, visit

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