What is Consultancy

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November 10, 2020


Curious about consultancy? Not sure how to enter such a dynamic, stimulating career path? This article by Catalyst4mbas will help you gain the necessary knowledge to thrive in such a diverse profession.

What is a consultant?

It can usually get confusing to pinpoint what exactly a consultant does. Consultants are required to use problem-solving, analytical and impartiality to conduct operations for a business that has little time to conduct themselves. In short, big businesses hire consultants to manage key company objectives and help assist with company goals.

Consultants must apply strategies that are practical and the skills gained through your university/college experience will be rigorously tested with clients. Consultants are the link between a company’s current state and its desired state, thus how does one enter a career path in consultancy?

Recruitment websites are usually the easiest kick-starters to your profession; Websites such as Catalyst4mbas have vacancies available and what makes us stand out are our exclusive connections with the BIG 4 consulting companies.

What to expect as a consultant

I have already mentioned the skills required to thrive in consultancy however what projects will you become involved in? Projects in this career choice are extremely varied, ensuring an exciting dynamic work life. From dealing with technological advancements to creating cutting edge ideas for the Auto Motive industry to Healthcare and Aerospace, consultancy has something for everyone.

As you start your adventure into the profession, you will start as an analyst. Analysts will complete research and behind-the-scenes legwork regarding a company and the specific goals it intends to achieve, while the more senior staff will present findings and liaise with the client. As you progress you will be promoted to an associate consultant, which deals face to face with the client with even greater responsibility.

Therefore the combination of the exciting variation of industries as well as a progressive style of this profession makes it the most popular choice for job seekers and career-changers

How is this all related to catalyst4mbas?

Our purpose is to connect, share and grow and we excel at placing ambitious talented individuals into roles such as a consultant, we are unique in that we deal with the 4 best firms on a direct basis, if you are looking for a new career, Catalyst4MBAs can diligently assist on the process required for you to become involved with massive global projects and a very competitive salary.

Latest Roles

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Associate Director and Senior Consultant needed in this growing unit. Consulting experience in IT, Operational and ideally Healthcare related.

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Consultant / Snr Consultant / Manager

Looking for career-driven people that want to help High Caliber people get introduced into the Big4 Consulting companies and other select organizations.

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